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Bongo is proud to announce that our number of LIKES on Facebook has currently reached over 1.7 millions and is increasing rapidly every month! Our Bongo Facebook page has been active since 2010 but it wasn't until mid 2012 when the boost in our number of LIKES and fans' engagements started to grow. Our fans and subscribers love our comics. The response is quite overwhelming considering over hundreds of comments and LIKES for each post. Where do we go from here? With your support, we will work even harder to create more humourous and hilarious comics to brighten up your day. Be sure to LIKE our page if you still haven't LIKE, comment, subscribe or smile with the banana-head chimpanzee!

Bongo is a banana-head chimp like no other primates. Being naturally curious, he studies the life and habits of his human cousins and creates an amazingly WHACKY world of his own. There's nothing better than a smile that brightens up your day. Bongo brings you lots of FUN and HUMOUR! Grunge is a quiet and jolly character that wears a smile on his face all year round. This long-haired orangutan is Bongo's number one buddy. Madame Gorgeous is hot and 'gorgeous'. This female bonabo wears the perfect wig and perfume. Savage's name says it all. This ruthless barbarian has a huge appetite and will even snatch your food when he is hungry! Chibi - The most mischievous monkey is one that steals your bananas and sends you banana skins for Christmas. Owen is Bongo's pet. He is utterly confused about whether Bongo is his master or should it be the other way round. Harry is a rabbit but thinks he is a monkey. He is simply hooked on bananas.